ERDAINE and its knitting

Born from a passion for fashion and natural fibers, Erdaine has the voluntee to offer women high quality knits, chic and comfortable to wear. In ongoing research on trends, colors and textures, the stylist Jenny takes inspiration as well from modern art as from urban life, highlighting flowing lines and geometric patterns. Transforming ideas into sketches and selected sewing thread and knitting techniques, she creates unique models of seamless sweaters.

The collection has asserted a strong personality over the years, combining elegancy, discreet details and smooth. All models are carefully knitted in the production unit based in British Columbia.

Usually a sweater is traditionally made with a “front”, a “back” and sleeves assembled sets, with Ruelle, they are proud to develop seamless products made in one piece thanks to the knitting technology more advanced. The thread quality is decisive for the duration of a knit, they work with renowned Italian mills. The extra-fine merino wool they use offers a singular sweetness in addition to be non-irritant. They manufacture according orders and have great flexibility regarding production & delivery with a prompt services. Socially responsible and environmentally conscious, Erdaine uses only sewing thread from renewable resources.